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LudoWic presents his new album 'SUPER8 MEMORY'

Recorded with only one instrument: TRAUTONIUM

Artist and musician Thijs Lodewijk/LudoWic makes music and visual art. Now LudoWic

is releasing his new album 'SUPER8 MEMORY' in which the instrument Trautonium takes

center stage.

The Trautonium is a 'forgotten' historical instrument, and is one of the first synthesizers

invented around 1929. You play it by means of a string. This gives you physical contact

with the sound, allowing you to play this instrument in a uniquely expressive way. Almost

100 years after its invention, LudoWic wants to bring this forgotten instrument back into

the spotlight. He is one of the few in the world who owns and plays this instrument.

When you hear the Trautonium, time freezes in the listener. In that silent moment you feel

the past and hear the future. This instrument and the music sounds familiar and unfamiliar

at the same time.

For the album SUPER8 MEMORY, LudoWic was inspired by Andrej Tarkovsky's film The Mirror

(1975). Dream, memory, present and past are intertwined in this film. In the final scene they

come together, which feels like a reconciliation of the conflicting forces. The film therefore

shows what the instrument entails. Just like the film, the Trautonium touches you on an

emotional level.



Muziek: LudoWic

Mastering: Maria Triana

Artwork: Rahi Rezvani

Camera: Edwin Vermeulen

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