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WALL OF SOUND  |  2022

WALL Of SOUND is an art installation consisting of 42 speakers that are individually controlled. Each speaker plays sonified data coming from a building somewhere in the Netherlands. The data is generated by the daily lives of people in each specific building.

Up close, each sound stands alone, but from a distance, harmonies emerge and you can experience the human flow as a whole.


NOISE  |  2022

NOISE is a tribute to the ultimate painting No 39 by Ad Reinhardt. A personal audio translation of his painting taking into account the famous "twelve rules for a new academy" (1953)


FLUX PATTERNS EA is an art installation inspired by human flows. LudoWic’s latest project offers its visitors the chance to experience the activity at Eindhoven Airport through abstract shapes and sounds.

Each of three pillars represents a specific dataflow, i.e. one representing flight movements, another representing passenger flows and a third representing luggage flows. The sounds and imagery emitted by each of the pillars is generated by their respective datasets. The data was gathered at Eindhoven Airport during its April 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. This offered the unique and surreal backdrop of an abandoned, yet fully operational, international airport.


AD INFIN  |  2021

AD INFIN is a part of the Linescapes series. An installation in which landscape images are captured in objective horizontal lines, that appeals to our urge to control the environment. Infinitely reflected by mirrors, panoramic views are created.


A9  |  2020

With this sound experiment LudoWic wanted to examen and record the unique sound qualities of the longest land tunnel (3 km) in

the Netherlands (Amsterdam-Zuidoost)  IXAS made one of the five tunnel tubes available for this LudoWic experiment.


NMM  |  2020

Data sonification of the National Military Museum, in collaboration with construction company Heijmans

Schermafbeelding 2021-05-21 om 17.09.19.

41MR  |  2020

One hour alone in a room with Mark Rothko. During this experience I recorded a 41 minutes live audio report with my EMS Synthi A

2020_Ludowic_Rothko&Me_Schiedam_Photo-Ben-Houdijk_lr-3 kopie.jpg
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